Going FROM Boracay Island

TRAVEL DATE TO BORACAY  (March 2017) Going from Boracay island is fairly easy. With us staying in https://websynne.com/astoria-boracay-station-1/, the staff were kind enough to help us with our luggage and hail a tricycle. Good thing we only had carry-ons so hiring a tricycle was just fine with us. If you’ve got a lot more baggage, […]

Astoria Boracay Station 1

TRAVEL DATE TO BORACAY  (March 2017) The chic resort of Astoria Boracay Station 1 is located right on the shoreline (beachfront property) of Boracay Island. It’s also accessible to Station 2 where you can find a wide array of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, convenience stores. You don’t have to go far in checking out […]

Going TO Boracay Island

TRAVEL DATE TO BORACAY (March 2017) This was actually our third time in Boracay. We opted to just simply commute upon our arrival from airport and we had Philippine Airlines as our flight carrier. This time around, when we came down from the airplane, there were buses waiting for all of the passengers. We immediately […]