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Sharing with you our journeys as great as the destinations. More than words, I’ll be showing more pictures of different places that I and my husband were lucky to visit, more photos with captions rather than reading long articles. Will try to share also our budget costs and any helpful tips that I may have to certain places. All the travels that we’ve been through are all fruits of my DIY endless research.

Actually, this blog is also just to chronicle the travels mostly of me and my husband, and some with the rest of my family. We started traveling when we’re still boyfriend and girlfriend, and now after 15 years of being together, I’m lucky to be married with my best friend. Our relationship has been a product of love, care, work, tears and grit. But then again, travelling has also contributed a lot in making our special bond stronger. We get to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses at different times and at different places. These special times makes us fall in love with each other again. Time just flies so fast but through this blog, when we’re both old and gray, I’d like to look back on our past adventures together.  

To my best friend, my husband Marc, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit several places. All of them I consider the happiest places on earth, but nothing could compare to my most favorite happy place of them all, inside your hug… sorry for being mushy haha 😉

Anyway, I hope this blog encourages you to travel more and live life to the fullest. Live today. Tomorrow will cost more. Always practice this motto: “Work hard. Travel harder.” Enjoy various rail trips to here, there and everywhere. And when you are fortunate enough to reach old age, you get the chance to look back on your previous exploits travelling to different places and experiencing different cultures, and then you get to say to yourself, you dared to – – – Dream. Explore. Discover.

P.S. Pardon for the low quality of the other pictures since at that time when we started traveling, I didn’t own a decent camera or smartphone. =)

DISCLAIMER:  I am by far NO EXPERT in all of my travel posts or of the destinations where we were fortunate enough to visit. The posts you’ll be reading aims to chronicle our own travel experiences of me and my loved ones. Also please be reminded that the information I share is based on how we experienced it on those dates that we traveled (will try my best to indicate the dates of our latest travels because there were other places I can’t remember the dates anymore). It is VERY IMPORTANT to also do your own research on their official websites as some information might have been updated already. I’m hoping as well that this blog site would also be able to provide you at least further insight on your prospective future travel destinations. Please do let me know if you find something that needs to be corrected, but please do so in a gentle manner ok. ???? Safe and blissful travels everyone!

Be grateful and kind,


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