Hong Kong

TRAVEL DATE TO HONG KONG (Latest: February 2016)

Hong Kong will always have a very special place in my heart. This is the very first international country that my husband (my then-boyfriend) and I were able to visit to celebrate our 6th year anniversary as a couple. Sure, we’ve gone to several local places here in the Philippines, but we were both excited and nervous because this was our first time to go visit an international country on our own as a couple.

Being hands-on as always, I have allotted so much effort and time in doing my research. I’ve read a lot of blogs, checked out a lot of online forums, made a budget management on excel and so forth. Good thing that this country does not require a visa application and this was actually one of the major factors why we chose to travel to Hong Kong first.

Hong Kong became even more memorable for me when my boyfriend back then organized a surprise, an “Amazing Race” game that he prepared and kept from me for more than a month. Although the flight was truly scary due to a lot of turbulence because Hong Kong was experiencing typhoon signal no. 3, not to mention the fact that I was alone at that time, truly it was unforgettable because that was the time my soon-to-be husband gave me my engagement ring.

Now that we’re already married, visiting Hong Kong will always be a staple in our travels. Because of its proximity to the Philippines, I would really recommend for first-time international travelers to choose Hong Kong. Try to visit the country within the months of December, January & February where the temperature is cold and I personally love strolling during this time because of its good weather. Ask me the top 5 countries I love to visit, for sure one of my answers would be Hong Kong.

Be grateful and kind,


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