Why we Chose Emirates Airlines over Qatar Airways for our Flight to Sweden

Every time we travel, my husband and I always deliberate the airlines we’ll be using. Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways are always at the forefront of the world’s best airlines. For our most recent travel especially during this pandemic, here are the reasons why we chose Emirates Airlines over Qatar Airways for our flight to Sweden.

  1. Higher ranking
  • With the annual Airline Excellence Awards , the AirlineRatings.com’s compiled the best airlines in the world for 2020, Emirates ranked at No. 6 while Qatar Airways was ranked No. 9

2. Longer Validity for the PCR Swab Test Results

  • When we inquired at both airlines, Emirates allows the PCR swab testing for Covid-19 to be done within 96 hours from flight whereas Qatar Airways only allows 72 hours validity from flight. The significance lies in the fact that we don’t know the specific day the hospitals or clinics could provide the results and having a 1 more day leeway could mean big especially if there are any unforeseen or unexpected delays. **Update: Kindly check with Qatar Airways if they have also increased their validity to 96 hours as I saw on a Facebook post recently. But on our inquiry last August 2020 while we’re in the process of booking our tickets, Emirates had 96 hours validity and Qatar Airways had 72 hours validity only at that time we booked our tickets.

3. Covid-19 Coverage

  • As indicated on their website and at the time of our inquiry where our flight falls into September 18, 2020, Emirates offers assistance services related to COVID19 medical and quarantine expenses when you travel with them at any time starting from July 23, 2020 until 31 December 2020. Having this added assurance and security is the biggest factor why we have decided to choose Emirates over Qatar. The coverage says that it’s valid for 31 days from the time you depart and is applied to every travel class. The COVID-19 health expenses can be covered up to EUR 150,000 and there’s also a free 24-hour hotline support number for anybody requiring assistance. If you do choose them because of this reason, it’s very important that you read through and check all of their Terms and Conditions here.

4) Better Customer Service

  • Remember on my blog post where I kept on saying that I have been doing rigorous research regarding our pending relocation to Sweden, this means that I have been in constant communication with different people, companies, government institutions and these 2 airlines for that matter. I have called Emirates and Qatar each of them twice to inquire about their processes and requirements before boarding the flight, and honestly, I felt that the people I’ve talked at Emirates are far more approachable and patient in answering all of my questions. Now, don’t get me wrong as I’m not generalizing all the Customer Service Representatives from Qatar Airways but in both instances that I’ve called each of them 2 times, I felt more satisfied with the way my queries have been answered and handled by the Customer Service representatives from Emirates.

**If you choose Emirates Airlines, usually there’s a stopover in Dubai. When you go to the NAIA Airport and when you check-in at the airline counter, you need to present a filled-out UAE Health Declaration Form. I would suggest for you to print and fill out this form beforehand to save time especially if you’re running late already for your flight. You can download the form here.

**Note: You might also do want to consider though that 1 positive thing about Qatar Airways over Emirates is that Qatar offers more flights in a week whereas Emirates only offer 1 flight per week and this was at the time when we’re still trying to check the available flights last August 2020. It’s possible that this might have changed already so please double-check always the official websites of these 2 airline companies. Again, these were only our experiences and it would still be up to you to decide which airline would best suit your needs. Have a safe flight everyone! 💟

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