Going FROM Boracay Island


Going from Boracay island is fairly easy. With us staying in https://websynne.com/astoria-boracay-station-1/, the staff were kind enough to help us with our luggage and hail a tricycle. Good thing we only had carry-ons so hiring a tricycle was just fine with us. If you’ve got a lot more baggage, you may ask your accommodation or hotel the best means of transportation on your way to Caticlan airport. On our end, we just asked the tricycle driver to bring us to Cagban Jetty port. Although it was kind of a bumpy ride, it was just fine with us as we get to have a small road trip in the province.  We paid P120 for the fare coming from our hotel, that’s actually for the entire ride having 2 passengers.

Upon arriving at the Cagban jetty port, we paid the following fees:

a) Boracay Express ferry (sailing time is 10 mins more or less ;  24/7 non-stop operation at both Caticlan & Cagban jetty ports)

**They have a scheduled time of departure every 20-30 minutes without waiting for the entire ferry to be filled so that’s a good thing. Compared to other pump boats, they’d wait for a certain number to fill up first before they can depart. If you’re in a hurry to catch your flight, this might be a concern for you.

Amount: P150 for two people  (P75 /head for a one-way fare)

b) Terminal Port fee

Amount: P200 for two people  (P100 /head)

Upon arriving in Caticlan port, we hired another tricycle to bring us to the airport and paid P50 for the entire ride.

Below are photos taken inside Boracay Express ferry. =)

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