Boracay at a Glimpse

Here I get to share with you the beauty of Boracay! =)

View from Muse Hotel (where we ate our late lunch)
the beautiful see-through swimming pool from Current by Astoria (station 3)
view from Muse hotel restaurant
Sailboats during the afternoon
Outdoor Lounge area at night (Astoria Boracay Station 1)
the horizon at dawn
bar by the beach (wasn’t able to take note of the name though)
Willy’s Rock (where you can see the grotto)
famous Jonah’s fruit shakes (can be found near Willy’s Rock)
Boracay shoreline
Buco’s Bar and Grill
sun shining through

beachfront of Astoria Boracay Station 1
Tom n Toms > 24-hour coffee shop in Boracay
chandelier at District Hotel
Sun, sand, sea, sky at dusk
Going back to airport

panoramic view of Boracay

Be grateful and kind,


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