Going TO Boracay Island


This was actually our third time in Boracay. We opted to just simply commute upon our arrival from airport and we had Philippine Airlines as our flight carrier. This time around, when we came down from the airplane, there were buses waiting for all of the passengers. We immediately hopped on the bus with our carry-on luggages. The trip was about 40 minutes and I was wondering because we were passing along small villages already. After quite some time, we were brought to the airport still (it’s called Godofredo P. Ramos Airport ; the current developer Transaire also named it as Boracay Airport recently) where passengers can get their check-in baggages.


Upon exiting the airport, across the road on our right, we saw white shuttle vans offering their service. There’s this one person dressed in white who asked as if we already got a hotel and I mentioned that we’ll be staying in https://websynne.com/astoria-boracay-station-1/. He then offered their service where we could pay P500 / head and they’ll bring us already straight to the hotel’s lobby (inclusive already of the boat fare transfer, terminal fees and environmental fees). What’s great about this is that we don’t have to queue anymore and wait in a long line together with the arrival of other tourists in the port just to buy our boat tickets and pay these other fees.



So we decided to take their offer and  paid them total of P1000 for 2 people. They gave us orange stickers that indicated “Boracay Mabuhay Host Association Incorporated *Malay,Aklan*”. They also wrote the name of our hotel Astoria 1 on the sticker.  We were then led immediately to the waiting white shuttle vans and we were brought to the jetty port. There was this lady (check out her picture below) who’s in charge for all of us and she gathered our group in the port as we wait to board the boat.



All of the passengers in her group registered our personal details on a log sheet. Then the lady gave out tickets to each one of us that we needed to present on our way before boarding the boat. She gathered us around again outside and collected our tickets. She also gave us a small paper should we decide to contact them again for the transfer going back to Manila. Kindly check the rest of the photos below.

Caticlan Jetty port::



We arrived at Cagban Jetty Port surprisingly after a short trip of only around 10 minutes. On our previous visits, the boat ride took about 40 minutes more or less. Then there was another person in-charge who called out the names of our accommodations. She asked us to ride a certain “multicab”.  Since Boracay has Stations 1, 2 and 3, the multicabs were assigned based on the location of hotels. After we heard our hotel name, we boarded up our luggages and then the driver one by one brought each of us to our own respective accommodations.


Cagban jetty port (Boracay island)


We were dropped off on the receptionist’s lobby located at the back side of Astoria Boracay Station 1. The picture below is the front side of the hotel. You may check out related post of the hotel where we stayed for the entire duration of our trip on this link.




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