Gallivanting in Garin Farm


Coming from Roxas City, Capiz, it was about a 3 hours drive going to San Joaquin, Iloilo. Since we’re a large group, my relatives and my family decided to just rent a van as this would be more time-sufficient and economical for all of us. The ride was quite long and with in between naps during the journey, we were just happy to finally arrive at Garin Farm where we have heard a lot of good things.

With an entrance fee of P150/person (senior citizens do have a discount), we started entering through a beautiful, green tunnel of dangling plants and although you’ll be greeted with the whiff of unpleasant odor coming from different animals, the place does not fall short of reminders along the path to remind you that you’re inside a farm.

Upon reaching the summit or the top of the steps, you’ll see a dark meditation tunnel that will lead you to the light..

Be grateful and kind,


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