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I’m not really an expert judge in matters of taste or a connoisseur for that matter, but one thing’s for certain, I love to eat food! Here’s just a list of some random food stuff that I was able to try and that I really like. Enjoy my random feed! =)  


Traipsing in Macau

TRAVEL DATE TO MACAU (December 2009) This was a very memorable trip for us because this was our very first international trip as a couple. When we booked our ticket, it was mainly for a round-trip ticket to and from Hong Kong. As we did our research, we found out that Macau is very close… Read More Traipsing in Macau


Finland from Afar

TRAVEL DATE TO FINLAND  (November 2014) My husband was assigned by his company for a project transition and the training was needed to be done in Finland. His accommodation and plane fare was handled by his company. This was the first time he traveled in an international destination on his own and so he just… Read More Finland from Afar


Capiz is My Cup of Tea

TRAVEL DATE TO CAPIZ  (August 2014) Capiz is known as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines and for this reason my love for seafood has sprung. Baybay, Lawis and Culasi both found in Roxas City, Capiz are very special places and will always be close to my heart. Not only because it is my mom’s… Read More Capiz is My Cup of Tea


Boracay at a Glimpse

Here I get to share with you the beauty of Boracay! =)                                             Be grateful and kind, websynne


Astoria Boracay Station 1

TRAVEL DATE TO BORACAY  (March 2017) The chic resort of Astoria Boracay Station 1 is located right on the shoreline (beachfront property) of Boracay Island. It’s also accessible to Station 2 where you can find a wide array of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, convenience stores. You don’t have to go far in checking out… Read More Astoria Boracay Station 1