Coursing thru Coron, Palawan

TRAVEL DATE TO CORON, PALAWAN (October 2012) Short of missing our flight going to Coron, Palawan and the tumultuous boat ride going back to our inn from one of our outings, our short stay in this beautiful paradise was such an eventful one. On this particular trip, Marc and I were accompanied by my husband’s cousin and his wife. Due to horrible traffic in Metro Manila, we actually almost missed our check-in time and this was the first time that we were able to ride on a small airplane.

Up in the clouds, we could already see the majestic mountain ranges and various white sand beaches. The clean turquoise waters are such a fresh and welcome sight. Even before touching down, we knew this trip is one for the books. Coron is such a heavenly place that it’s no wonder people love to visit this place again and again.

Majestic mountain range
Francisco B. Reyes Airport (Busuanga, Coron, Palawan)
Beautiful limestone formation up close.
Banana Island
You can see how crystal clear are the waters in Coron. You can also see the movable ladder (this can be moved up or down) with the red paint on the side of our rented boat. This is helpful for tourists who want to go down on the sea for a quick swim.
Father & Son who owned the boat we rented. They’re really kind and even if we experienced rough waters on our way back from our island-hopping day trip, they were both capable to steer us safely back to the guesthouse. Since I was not thinking at that time (2012) to blog, I forgot their name already and their contact info. TIP: If you get to stay in Birang’s Guest House, just show them this picture and there’s a big chance that they know them.
The grill on the boat.
Fish for lunch.
When the boat is about to dock to an island or when we’re about to go back again to the sea, he’s the one who ably steers our boat.
This was early morning as we start our island-hopping day trip. The water was so calm but like what they say, calm waters run deep.

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