Carriage Ridge Resort

TRAVEL DATE TO CARRIAGE RIDGE RESORT (October 2019) To celebrate my husband’s birthday and our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary for December 2019, also because our membership points earned were about to expire, we have booked the Carriage Ridge Resort located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Since Canada is but a few hours away from our relatives based in Rochester, New York, this was the opportune time for us to take advantage of it. We planned to spend it in the hotel for a couple of weeks before celebrating the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with our family. Good thing also that my husband’s friend and family were also based in Canada and we’re also grateful they have graciously also offered us their home for us to stay in for several days.

The hotel is like a compound of several resorts and at the time that we arrived, it was already snowing. We got a 2-bedroom type because we wanted for our husband’s family and my own relatives to come stay with us as well. We took my mom with us and we were very excited for her because it’s her first time to experience the snow. The 2 combined rooms good for 8 people that we got are quite nice and even though 1 room is bigger than the other, both have its own kitchenette where we can cook our own food and own balconies as well. Being able to cook our own food was truly practical for us as well since the resort is not that centrally located and it’s ideal that you hire a car (if you won’t be bringing one) so that it would be easier to buy certain necessities or if you want to explore other areas in Toronto. The main bedroom has its own jacuzzi as well and sort of a powder or make-up area aside from the main bathroom. I liked that the second room was just adjacent and that we only had one door as the main entrance. It also included one small laundry room that has its own washing machine and dryer as we definitely needed this for our 3-week stay. Below are some pictures we took of the hotel room.

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