Borough Market

TRAVEL DATE TO BOROUGH MARKET (January 2016) One of our itineraries was to go to the London Bridge Experience. On our way there and since we haven’t eaten our breakfast yet, we checked out the nearby places where we can possibly eat. With the help of our travel best buddy “Google Maps”, we saw and made our way to Borough Market.

Located at 8 Southwark St. and about 5 minutes walk from the London Bridge train station, we arrived at the oldest food market in London. They say that this market has been around for more than a thousand years since 1014. Upon reaching Borough Market, our senses were filled with different smells of food and produce being traded by the sellers. We were greeted by a cacophony of sounds and various smells as we traverse through the crowded area..

Hungarian sausage sandwich with sauerkraut
Oooohhh this one’s my favorite!!! It’s like chocolate balls covered with cocoa powder and then, there’s like a “nagaraya” or like crackling nut inside.
Upon buying, the people will just pick their own place to consume their food.

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