Adventure in Abu Dhabi

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TRAVEL DATE TO ABU DHABI (February 2018) Abu Dhabi is as fascinating as Dubai although on a different extent. In Dubai, you can see a lot more of skyscrapers in an urban jungle whereas in Abu Dhabi, although you can see a lot of commercial buildings as well, what really struck me was the vastness of the Arabian desert as our vehicle roll by the roadside. I was able to really appreciate its golden expanse and realize that we were really in the Middle Eastern part of this world. We actually spent less than a day to visit the different sights found in Abu Dhabi. By late afternoon, we went back to Dubai to visit my cousin who we have not seen for such a long time. She prepared a lovely dinner for my family and we were just happy to be able to see her again. Definitely missed her! Sharing with you below are just some of the sights we were glad to visit in the second most populated city and capital of United Arab Emirates.

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