Taipei 101


Taipei 101 is the most famous landmark in Taiwan where usually it’s the center of attention for the city’s fireworks show in celebrating the incoming New Year. Standing tall with the height of 1,670 feet, this edifice previously holds the world’s tallest building before Burj Khalifa came into existence. The viewing type has 2 parts: one indoor and one outdoor (located at a higher floor). If you’re the type of person who’s really afraid of heights, it’s better to just stay indoors. Marc and I both tried looking from the inside and outside.

You can really see the bird’s sky view of Taipei and it feels like we’re just looking into matchbox sizes or it reminded me of like viewing small-scale replicas of different buildings that you usually see enclosed in glass casings. When we tried looking from the outside, you can really feel the strength of the wind hitting your face and blowing up your hair. At the center of the building, you can see a very big tuned mass circular dumper that acts like a huge pendulum that provides the stability of the building during strong typhoons and earthquakes. For now, this building holds the distinction in our travels as the highest place that Marc and I were fortunate enough to visit so far.

















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