Batangas, PH

Praying in Padre Pio

TRAVEL DATE TO PADRE PIO, STO. TOMAS BATANGAS (February 2018) I have always considered Padre Pio as one of my favorite saints. Learning about his incredible story, I was also continuously being told by family and friends that I can reach out to him to fulfill my greatest wish. I was able to visit also its chapel located in Eastwood, Libis but this one located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas is really special. I was able to visit this together with my family several times already and most recent one was to accompany our aunt who visited us from the United States. There’s a section where you can buy color-coded votive candles if you’re praying something in specific. You can also offer a prayer petition or love offering inside the Holy Water Sanctuary. I’ve always felt the solemnity of the place contributed to the beauty and happiness I’ve always felt when I pray together with my entire family.


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