Go-Kart at RPM Raceway

TRAVEL DATE TO RPM RACEWAY (December 2019) Strolling inside Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse, New York, we chanced upon this race kart and immediately my cousins endlessly asked me and my husband to race with them. We agreed but honestly, my insides were quivering because it is my first time to ride a go-kart.

So the 3 guys (my uncle, my husband & my cousin’s boyfriend) registered for the adult race and my 2 girl cousins and I registered for the kid’s race (that’s because one my cousins is a minor ergo, we get to race slower yay! haha!). Before starting the race itself, we were each asked to sign a waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement. We then had a little bit of an orientation after which, we were asked to choose a helmet that we can use before we board the go-kart vehicle. Since the men were on a different race, we waited for them to finish first the adults session followed then by us gals so off we go…

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