All Hands Beach

TRAVEL DATE TO ALL HANDS BEACH, SUBIC (July 2016) I remember this day as my family and I prepare because this was such a bittersweet vacation. My relatives from the Capiz were joining us and this was also the time that my youngest brother will be going to Philippine Air Force because out of thousands who applied, he was one of the blessed few who passed. This was the first time that my youngest brother will be staying away from home for several months. All I can give him that day was a keepsake that he could turn to for him to keep his faith and wish him luck and success on his endeavor. My mother, although we can all feel her worry and trepidation for her youngest child, she was also the strongest among us. She told us not to dwell on the fact that we’re already missing my youngest brother so much and just simply enjoy our vacation.

So off we go to hunt for a good beach near Manila. We didn’t have any prior reservations made and good thing when we arrived there, there was still an available room left to accommodate our family. Located at San Bernardo Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, All Hands Beach is one of the beaches where previous members of the United States Navy used to swim and the beach’s name was derived from the idiomatic expression “all hands on deck”. Aside from its good location (more or less 2 hours drive from Manila), I like the fact that the beach bottom is not that rocky as compared to some beaches located in Batangas. You get to enjoy also the lounge chairs and Nipa huts on its beachfront or just hang-out at their bar late at night. I would recommend All Hands Beach if you want to have a quick weekend getaway and escape the hustle and bustle of the metro.

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